"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."

December 19, 2010

17 vs 18

Shhh. Attention please. Im eighteen now! :)

It has been long time ago since my last post. I cant blogging now sebab seems like I lost everything yang saya pernah miliki dulu. Which is my head.I have a lotsa stories and too many things to share with, but seems like it can be shared. Stuck in my head, I cant write or type it. Kesian kan? Things that I love to do once upon a timee dlu, I had to let it go when I in Kuala Pilah. -.-' and nowww, I cant write well. Hehh, btw

Thanks fe all wishes and present.


October 29, 2010

Menghargai dan Selfish ; related tak those two words?

"If you ever loved somebody put your hands up
If you ever loved somebody put your hands up
Now they're gone and you wish you could give them everythin"

Shall I start? Hello and hye. (:

It has been almost a month I didnt click new post. Im too busy, and my heart also not completely in a good condition. I cant write thing. It stuck in my heart. I cant share to anyone. InsyaAllah, my heart is in progress to heal completely. I fine, Ill be fine. :)  

People, dont you ever realize that the fact that you have to menghargai all those things, and peoples around you. If you dont then awak takan dihargai. Understand what am i trying to say? Awak, dont be selfish in every single step that you takes. You have to being around others. Because the others is your strength,  no its like your tonic kot? Once you fall, they will give extra strength to you, so you could stand back and keep on running. They are the 100Plus, Revive, RedBull, Livita and whatsoever tu. :) Hargai people who beside you,  your tonic. Plus, selfish is not a good thing my dear. If you ever be selfish please raise your hand. I do. :) Im a selfish. I tried not to be it now. :]  If you ever not hargai others raise your hand. I do. And Im wishing not to be that lagi. :)

I went to somewhere, I sit at the bus stop I dont want to take a bus, I just want to be there tengok gelagat orang. * a lot of people labeled me as full-time-observer. There is quite a lot of people at the bus stop, the bus arrived, and saya masih ditempat saya memerhatikan mereka. Masih ade yang berebut, ade yang mengatur langkah perlahan, ade yang tergesa gesa ade yang tak lekang dari buku. Ouhh, its the precious scene that I watched. Tak tau, but fe me, scene itu comel. Different type of people at one bus stop wanting to ride the same bus. Ohh I love it. I smile, the last passenger ask me ; " Adik, kenapa tak naik? 40 minutes lagi baru the next bus sampai, dah la sorang. Jum cepat naik." I was like, "Err, nevermind, Im waiting fe my dad.". "Ohh, okey, take care then. Bye" She smile. Fe me she is not selfish, she care about others. Eventough she never know me. While the others act like dont care about me, a girl who sit at the corner of bus stop, she care. She waves her hand to me. I smile and waves to her too. :) 

Got it? 
Im not good story teller, Im not good motivator, Im not good at anything. But, I want the message delivered to your heart. :) Hargai orang and dont be selfish.

Along my way, I passed so many things , I learned a lot of things, I knew a lot of new people around me. I love being around all those new things actually. Eventhough Im not used to it but Ive no regrets. ;]

Today Notes ; Get your tonic, be beside them and hargai mereka. ;)

October 1, 2010

D ; Im move on.

Hello and Hai!

Finally im free to write something here. I miss this blog, I miss home, I miss my pc, I miss my mum, I miss my dad, I miss my abang, I miss everything in Bangi, including the smell of Bangi. Ngee. :D

A lot of people ask me, bila i nak elok dari penyakit i. Jawapan nya takkan elok btw. HAHA. Im homesick. I cried and cried when I miss home. When Miss Sali said something about home or mum, 100% sure, I'll cry. HAHA. I dont know why. 

Ohhh okeyy i dont hve anough time. So, bye, Take care. ILOVEYOU.

Today Notes ; ohh my busuk, i miss you yaw!


September 18, 2010


im envy with youu,
u achieve the dream that you dreamt.

July 28, 2010

just want you know.

that I LIKE YOU. 
so much. 

July 26, 2010

My Guardian Angel.

Hello and Assalamualaikum,

I miss my guardian angel so freaking damn much! :( Abang, did you know I miss you? 

I know how my abang feels now. I know he suffered to success there. I know it. Im so sorry because I can do nothing. :( I cant help you. Adik useless kan? Hmm. I know you choose this path because of ayah kan? Ayah want so bad one of his child be a doctor. As you know, ayah tak paksa one of us should or shouldnt be a doctor. but I know deep inside his heart. he want so bad. He want all of us kalau boleh. Unfortunately, the only one who are qualified to be a doctor is you. Only you. None of the girls qualified. Im sorry im not good enough to be a doctor. Im sorry fe making you made a decision to be a doctor eventho you are not good in remember things. I know, mybe if Im good enough, then he wont choose medic. Im sorry fe making you leave the subject that you love the most; physics. :( I know you miss physics kan? I know when you try your best to answer all my question. I know you had fun being around physics kan. And Im sure, you've finish answered the question kan? But you want to push me to do it by myself kan. Saye tawu. Saye rse sedoh gilaa, sebab saye tak pernah tgk abang suffer kalau belaja. He always enjoy every single things that he learned. Hmm. 

Sometimes, I wish I can full fill your dream. Being an engineer is your dream kan? I wish I can. Please please please. I want to be an engineer fe you. I want to achieve your dream that you have to leave because of my stupidness. :) Pray fe me. And I always pray fe you. I know you can do it because abang kan abang luna. :D Dah jangan tense2. I love you!

Today Notes; I miss my mr A when I looked at you. 


June 20, 2010


This is my third post in KMNS. :)                                                                

So hello and hye people!

I miss you. :’) Im fine here and there, I cant wait fe tomorrow. :B I goin home! Yeay! Hows my life? Im not in a good condition kot. Im sick. My tonsil bengkakk lagiii! Kesian kannn. :( Hmm.

Mau cakap ape eh? Hmm. My life here is fine. Alhamdulillah, but I still cant find my momentum untuk seiring dengan pembelajaran. Especially in math and chemistry. I love physics so much here, teachers is so good and enjoyable. I do hope I can find my err, momentum? HAHA. I want to accelerate. Now, I in constant velocity, means there is no acceleration. Acceleration is equal to zero. I have to put more force. Force is equal to mass times with acceleration. Increasing velocity will increase the acceleration, increasing in acceleration will increase the force. Newton Third Law states; When there is an reaction, there is an equal reaction. So when I upgrading my effect on my studies, then InsyaAllah there is an equal reaction kan? :D Budak physic yang sumpa poyo! HAHA.

Nowadays, I keep on telling myself to think positive. Being in matriculation its not easy. Its tough fe some people like me. People who are malasss. Ngee. so I have to be strong and no matter what happen, just keep holding on and please stay strong, then I know everything will be okey. Btw, can you believe me? I have changed my study techniques. Hoho. Im not so malas la, I be more rajen, but Anisah is thousand times more rajen than me ouhh, I don’t know how can she be that rajen ohh, sumpa I cant find the enjoy ness here, means. There is no time toi play around ; no tv-ing, online-ing, facebook-ing, play-ing, mandi-ing. Haha. That’s what I feel now. Less than a month I’ll face the mid sem test. Ooo shit! Im so damn scared. God please help me. I haven’t prepared anything yet!

Okeyyy. I think its has been a very long post, I have wasting a lot of time. Actually there is a lot of other stories about my friends and my classmateee and I want to tell you so freaking bad. But seriously, time and tide wait fe no men. Haha. Bbye. Iloveyou, please takecare. Muahmuah!

Today notes ; Time, can you stop now, I miss my qq. :(


one word for you.

Hello and hye people, 

 First post in KMNS. 

Guess where am I now? Yea.. seratus markah buat anda! :D Im in KMNS. -.- Im not goin back home this week sebab last week I’ve enjoyed 3 days short holiday at home kan, so this week, I’ve to be here la. Hopefully ade air, PLEASE! Sebab on Thursday ; tade air! @#$%! Stop it Luna. Hee!

So, its quite a while since my last post kan kan kan? Did you miss me? I do miss you wonderluna.blogspot. ;) and all the readers. *ade ke readers? HAHA. So, what am I goin to bubbling eh today? Haaaa. Hows my life? Itssssss so freaking baddd. I don’t know what happen to me.

Seriously I feel like I wanna quit here. ): I seems like, cant adapt the matriculation life. I cant do the mathematics and the chemistry, everything seems so new. Err, mybe its not new, but my brains seems like can receive. I do have tried so many times, but seems like I don’t belong here.

Terasa macam nak keluar, but, I do love my friend here! I do love my practicum, my classmate, my blokistt. I found a great and fun friends here. Waida, Fara, Mira, Ila, Sufi, Suha, Zan, Kak Zuma, Kak Hanem, Kak Shu, Nurul. Im having a very good time with them walaupun talama pn I know them. Baru, few weeks. Waida, I do love her! She is great friend. I don’t know why but we seem to know each other dahhh sangat sangat lama. She pretty clumsy just like me and lil annoying just like me. HAHA! I do enjoy being her friend. :D

So now, saya sedang berfikir fikir untuk mengubah haluan saya. Tapi saya confuse sangat. Where should I go lagipun kan. Ntah la. But im hoping fe a miracle. Either two, move to another institution or stay here and dapat 4flat. Ohh God ; Please help me now. When I told Waida about this, and I don’t expect beliau akan nangis. :’( Ttbe terasa terharu, ade jugak orang sedih jika saya tiada di sini lagi, :’) Babe, don’t worry. Im not so sure yet la.

Today Notes ; I miss my abang so much here. I need him. ;(



June 4, 2010

its getting harder.

I just need you now!

May 15, 2010

Kami Menjana Nilai dan Skor! HAHA

Hello people. ;]
So long no seeee. I miss you. Lalala. Have I told you Im going to Matriculation? yes, I did. :) 


Baru pulang dari KMNS. Weehoo! To be honest, I dont like KMNS on the first day. Tapi kan, itu hanya lah mind set awalan. Yela, what do you expect kan, ble we dont have time to eat. -.-' Sedangkan befo this, mne de skip makan sangat terutama lunch. Yela, da de je kat uma, makan je lah. Then tuptup kat sane we dont have time to eat. Kene pandai curi masa. One whole day ta makan nasi, just makan biskut Sunlife. Anda rase ape jadi? Saye gastrik + angin, memang hot lah perasaan itu malam tu. Menggelupur sakit. Luckily Luna bawak ubat. Alhamdulillah everything okey. Saya masih sihat walafiat. :B On the next day, bfst Luna ta tinggal, eventho memang err, tasedap langsung kot. *wtv, saye demand. so what kan? Nasi goreng kicap yang, masin dan pedas. Err, serious rase mcm. Errr.. wth.. Acctly tade la ape yang buruk ny KMNS nieh, but memang tade la terdetik kat hati luna na tasuke KMNS sebab buruk or korok or wtv kan. Kejam doe kalau tu pn amek kesa. Tapi hmm, ntah. Taley na comment ape pn sangat sebab baru sangat. But na tegaskan disini, Luna ta benci KMNS okeyy. I dont hate it or dont like it. Just, err. Need some time to adapt kot. But fine je. :)

Cukup cukup lah mengomel Siti Zulaiha Binti Uyub. -.-' Tapi kan, dlu mase saya ditolak hiduphidup oleh Uitm, saya berasa sangat rendah. Macam terlampau bodoh. Tapi yang lagi bengap ny I dont realized pasal rezeki tu kat tangan Allah kan. Siapa kita nak melawan takdir. Saya cuba untuk adapt kehidupan di matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan. Kami Menjana Nilai dan Skor. HAHA! Eksaited bhai. Minggu orentasi memang annoying dengan jadual yang padat dan dan duduk bersila. Woah. Penat seyhh. Da penat, ape lagi, keje ny memerhati orang lah. Lagi best kalau mse LDK besa, duduk kat dataran dengan Mira. HAHA! Abang Uda dan Dara lah Abang Gamba la ape lah.  HAHA! Tapi bukan mengumpat. Memuji je. Sumpa tade keje laen dah. HAHA! Tanak tidur melayang layang nanti. HAHA. Orentasi penat. Tapi dari situ la Luna belajar curi mase. :) Im growing up kot. Means, kalau Luna still mcm on the first day, lembik longlai lah Luna. Jadi nak tanak kene lah cari mase na mandi, makan, tidur, basuh baju and etc kan. :] Alhamdulillah, Luna rase Luna da tau macam mne timetable luna nt. :)

Homesick? HAHA. Memang lah, serious. On the first day I cried sampai 0230, pukul 4 kene bangun. Woah. Bayangkannn. Tapi emm, macam fine on the second day. Cume Taley sebut pasal abang lah. Mesti berderai air mate terus. HAHA. Bile on the phone dengan Mak or Ayah, mesti bergenang je air mate. Rindu. :'( Tapi Luna kan big girl. Ngehehe. Ohh, pasal classmate pulak. Fine kot. I dont really know them. So no comment. Doa kan Luna bertambah tambah okey kat sane eh? :) Ohh lupe, Luna amek Sains Fizikal. Boleh apply na tuka but I dont think Im good in Bio. Physic pn. But, InsyaAllah Luna try.

Stop merepek. Saye pulang minggu Wesak. Jangan rindu rindu saya. :D

Today notes ; Tolong growing up boleh?

youworthit, seriouslyimissyou.

May 1, 2010

Four Letters of Love.

somebody yg kita felt close to us, someone yg sntiasa ada when we need help 
tak semestinya he's the one.yg kita perlu together with, spent the rest of our life with-
sometime org yg buat kita rasa geram, sedih, sakit hati, tulah sbnrnya our Superman, our Romeo, our MrPerfecto or whatever you name it-
Husna, :) 

Donno why, but lately nieh I found a lot of blogger yang post something like this. And the one yang Luna fall in love ble bace, this one lah. Tak tahu mengapa kenapa dan siapa. Tapi, :). Tak semestinya the one yang romantic gle tu lah the one yang tercipta fe us. Its not work that way pon aa. Hmm. 

Today notes ; Kalau dulu anda boleh tabah, kenapa tak sekarang kan? Jangan menangis dan menyesal lagi. Penyesalan tu kan tak baik. :)

April 22, 2010

Should I Stay?

Hello and hyee, :)

Saye, Siti Zulaiha Uyub @ Luna sangat sangat benci kan phone saya. :/ Phone saya sering membuat fitnah dimalam hari. Mengapa eh? Fitnah tu kan tak baik wahai phone. Bawak bawak lah bertaubat. Haipp! Mau masuk neraka ka? Haiyaaa. Phone, phone, kenapa awak selalu buat orang semua cakap saya tidur awal sedangkan saya kadang kadang saya belum lagi gosok gigi sebelum tidur lagi, awak dah mule menebarkan fitnah. Haipp! Kenapa? Awak tawu, saya sedih dengan sikap awak. Mulai hari ini, kita breakup! 

Okay, fine cukup dengan karutan. Phone, alahai. Sanggup keh aku bersabar eh? Setiap hari mule buat hal. Kenape eh? Saya tak cukup sayang kat awak dah? Sebab tu awak merajuk? Takkan lah. Ala, kalau la saya pandai, mesti iphone dah depan mate saya sekarang kann. Alaaa, kenapa mesti sekarang? Kenapa bukan masa sebelum SPM. Susah la phone. Sayang nak tukar, tapi memang nak tukar sebab kau pun dah kronik. Okay, da start balek karutan. Pepagi, mesti tade message which is selalu ade, then off on blek. Mesti ade messages receives. Yang malam tadi punya msg. Pena, one whole day tak berbunyi phone. Ble my sis call, tye asal ta reply msg and I, err, I dont receive anything pn? Off on blek, ade 40 messages! -.- Wtv lah phone, aku harap kau dalam keadaan baek sementara waktu nieh, aku tanak mintak duit ayah. Ape kau egt ayah tu bank ke nak mintak jee. Lagipun sekarang macam macam hal. Sabar je dulu okey? Okey. :)

Today Notes ; I want  MORE money please? $$$


April 16, 2010



Gmbar menceritakan segala ny kan? Yep, KMNs, here I come babe. This is my second choice actually. I do pray to get KMM. But, tade rezeki kot. :( Bersyukur sangat sangat because Farah, Anisah, Qeela and cik NFK pn dapat situ. Eventhough they might not going there pn smue ny. But I know one of them mesti pergi jugak kan? :) Ramai kott yang dapat KMNs, *kene biasekan that word. LOL. From my school, and ade jugak from my primary school. Wuu, kecik dunia. Hmm, Im going there kot. InsyaAllah because I setakat ini tu yang dapat. Pray fe me okayy. ILY.

Today Notes ; I need you noww! 


April 14, 2010

Why 10 or 11? Why not 7 or 8?

Hello Hello Hello, 

Miss me already? Woahh. I miss you too! Its have been 2weeks ++ since my last post. *Its has or Its have? Im pretty stupid at this. There is a lot of thing happen and happen. I cant express it. Its hard. I dont know. :/ Btw, 16 April, Matriculation result will be out. And Im so damn scare! Ohh, crapp! Time and tide wait for no man kan babe? So yeah, what else happen in my life eh? Ohh, i lost money, dalam kegawatan ekonomi, I lost is. Hows it? Best kann? Nahh, so now, I dont have cash. Cheque and credit card ade lah. Okai, tu penipuan besar. HAHA. 

Lagi, I went to Metro, hell yeah, the place that FULL of INDONESIAN and budak skola BAJET gangster lepak. HAHA. I searching fe a shoes, so my mum said, why dont I try to find it there kan? So, here I come. Ohh crap. No SIZE. Shittfingg. =.= Annoying.I think my foot getting bigger lah pulak. Mine was 10 befo, and now, 11. Homaigosh. How come it grew so cepat? Cepat gylak. * Grow, grew, grown. Im cnfused. -.- So, I dont find the shoes. =.= I want more flat shoes, because kalau tak  I'll wear converse with baju kurung. Pedulik. Men size agaknya mine berapa eh? 8/9 lah kot kan. Where can I find flat shoes with MY SIZE?

End this post, because of Migrain. -.-

Today Notes ; QQ, is this is the best way fe us? Sorry. :/


March 28, 2010


i want to be a dentist.
i really want it. its my first ambition when im in secondary school. mybe orang gelak when i said secondary school, but hell yeah suke hati saye laa. i really want to be it. but i cant. if the only if, im not malas and be more rajen, mybe i can be that.  Ya Allah, is there any second chance fe me to change and be what i really wanna be? i know, i've said im breaking up with Biology, but i dont want to break up with Dentistry. its hurt when you dont get what you really want in your life. im the youngest in my family, and im not watsoever that the youngest one used to be. i dont really get what i want everytime i asked. but yeah, dalam naluri seorang anak bongsu memang ade perasaan yang always want to get whatever we wish to have. tapi this time, i dont know whether i can get what i want or not. but yeah, mybe i cant. probability getting into Dentistry is very very very small. mybe 5%? 5% fe just a luck. hmm, so fe those who are qualified, especially to cik NFK, try your best eh. i cant wait to see you be a Dentist. goodluck! (:

Today notes ; Maybe i cant be, but i know you can be that.


March 26, 2010


Hello people,

Eyh, can you believe it, there is a few people asking me why do im not blogging dah. They want moree from me. Tak bley bla. HAHA. Train - Catch if you can. bahaha. Baru 2 post kott, or 3? ta egt. I wrte because i love to. Im not hoping fe followers or comment. I just love it. And luna tulis when i have words to write. Every single things happen every valuable moral of the stories ke, i really want to share with all of you. So you'll realize the fact of being a human in this world just like me kan. But yeah, sometime i cant find words to express it. What can i do is bermonolog didalam hati. Just like now, ade je nak cakap, but i cant find words. Haha! Writing something like, hmm what shud i call it eh? Journal -.-? Motivation? Inspirational?  Ala, wtv it call la. Its not easy, and lagipun why you're waiting fe that ntah. Bukan best pn kann. Haha. Btw, thanks fe reading. Ohh eh, sekarang i have a words to write. Tungguuu. HAHA. Ntah berhabis ke tak ayatnya nanti. :P

Okay, I love you guys. See you next time. Nice to meet you! <3
Kenapa grey? Sebab saya tengah cacat. :PP


March 23, 2010

Ting Tong.

Im too tired. 

March 19, 2010

Trying to be okey.

Aloha. (:

To let go isn’t to forget, not to think about, or ignore. It doesn’t leave feelings of anger, jealousy, or regret. Letting go isn’t about winning or losing. It’s not about pride and it’s not about how you appear, and it’s not obsessing or dwelling on the past. Letting go isn’t blocking memories or thinking sad thoughts, and doesn’t leave emptiness, hurt, or sadness. It’s not about giving in or giving up. Letting go isn’t about loss and it’s not about defeat. To let go is to cherish the memories, but to overcome and move on. It is having an open mind confidence in the future. Letting go is learning and experiencing and growing. To let go is to be thankful for the experiences that made you laugh, made you cry, and made you grow. It’s about all that you have, all that you had, and all that you will soon gain. Letting go is having the courage to accept change, and the strength to keep moving. Letting go is growing up"

Get it? Hmm, I miss you. 

Today Notes ; Bukan bukan, tak marah pun. Tapi Luna masih cuba memahami dan menerima semua ini. Thanks fe giving me a lil time and space to be alone sekejab. 

itsHURTtolookback, dontyouknowit?

March 16, 2010


Tolong ketuk kepala saya sampai hilang ingatan. 
Saya tanak ingat lagi beliau.
Tolong amek kuali hentak kepala saya sampai saya lupa beliau.
Saya tanak jadi orang bodoh lagi mengharap.
Tolong lempang saya sampai saya ta ingat beliau lagi.
Saya tanak simpan harapan lagi. 
Tolong marah saya sampai saya sedar diri saya.
Saya tanak jadi pct lagi.
Tolong delete or format file pasal beliau dalam cpu otak saya.
Saya tanak menangis lagi sebab saya dah..
penat sangat sangat.


March 14, 2010

Keep Holding On.

Hello, Hye.
Here I come again.

Acct, my heart is not okey yet. But Luna tatao na cakap ngn sape. Result? Not so okey. But I do bersyukur sangatsangat fe what I get because ingatkan I just get 2A je and sangatsangat bersyukur because Add Math dapat A- at last. Eventhough it is not A or A+, but I've tried my best and Luna never see A in my Add Math result kan. So, Alhamdulillah. Thanks a lot to Cikgu Mazyon. And same goes to Chemistry, I struggle on paper 3, I cried because I cant do it, but maybe because of my paper 2 kot, Alhamdulillah.

Yeah, my heart is broken into a pieces. Seriously, its hurt lyk hell. :( I cried almost everyday and its seems not going to stop. I hurt someone's heart or mybe everybody's heart and I really feel guilty fe what have I done. My heart hurt too. Im so sorry. I hurt the most important person in my life. My parents. ;( Again, mak ayah Im so sorry fe what i've done. Percayalah, if it is hurt to you then, Luna lagi la rse sakit tu. Sorry my result is so damn sucks. I cant apply fe scholarship. I cant go to pharmacy and dentistry like mom and dad always want me to be. I hurt you again and again. I dont give my best. Why cant I try better than this. ;( So nahh, Im trully deeply sorry. 

Luna da tetapkan hati, I'll go to engineering kalau dapat. Yeah, for sure I didnt qualified to medic or dentistry. HAHA. Mybe I'll go to matriculation, but my brother and my sisters said Im not going to get Sains Hayat kot. I might get Sains Fizikal. So mybe I have to say Byebye to Biology la kan. (: No i dont have regret fe letting it go, because maybe its the best for both of us. BAHAHA! So hello to Physics and Chemistry. InsyaAllah kalau dapat memane. Berserah je la. Pegi je memane. InsyaAllah rezeki kan ada kat mane mane. Kat mane mane nanti dah tanak hurt my parents again. I'll try my best to get what they want. Sains Akuari, I'll keep you in my heart. We dont know what will happen kan, maybe takdir dengan Sains Akuari ke kan? (: So kaa, now, Luna berserah pada rezeki mane dapat.

Today notes ; I love the way you walk. I love your smile. I love the way you treat people. I love everything you have. 

Sorry mak and ayah,

March 8, 2010

Counting sheep.

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

As you see now, I changed my blog layout because da bosan dengan yang lama. -,- 
Comel tak the new one nieh? HA HA. Sengal. :D
So, SPM result officially release on 11 march. Hell yeah.I just wanna scream aloudd without voice.
And, to be honest. I dont know what to say. =.=

Hmm, I'll be AWAY fe a few days or a week or a couple of weeks or a month or a few months or a year or maybe a couple of years. Sampai my heart is totally okey kot. So, do wait fe me yeah! Will be right back, Insya-Allah.

Today Notes ; In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on. I know it. (:

I will miss you wonderluna.blogspot.
Byebye and Takecare everyone. 
And Goodluck fe this Thursday. 
Thanks fe everything.
I you guys.


March 4, 2010

I Cant Believe Its YOU!

Assalamualaikum, Aloha. (:

I think im falling in love again. Serious kot. =.= Dengan Bella Luna by Jason Mraz. Ngee. OMG, I love his voice damn muchh. Sweet kan? Lyrics. Wuuu. *bukan sebab Luna tuu wokeyy.The lyrics, mendalam kan? hmm. Lame da dga lgu nieh, but suddenly, i miss this song. hehe.  Puitis  and vavavom is the right word to describe this lyric kot? uu, maybee. (:

You make the most of boundary
You're the ghost of royalty imposing love
You are the queen and king combining everything
Intertwining like a ring around the finger of a girl
I'm just a singer, you're the world
All I can bring ya
Is the language of a lover
Bella luna, my beautiful, beautiful moon
How you swoon me like no other.

Stop jenjiwang. Back to the reality. Hye people, hello. How are you? Im doing so 'GREAT' now. Hee. My life now? Messy kott. I need a lil time to be alone because of so many things now. But yeah, as usual I wont tell anyone until all of the messy thing done. Luna memang that species la. Ngeh, I dont want to burden my bestf. haha. Eyh, result next week eh? Cucuak kot. Luna mybe da ushe sehabis yang boleh, sedaya yang boleh. But, rezeki ditangan Allah. Mungkin banyak mungkin sikit, Insya-Allah Luna cuba terima seadanya. Kalau sikit, mungkin rezeki tak berpihak kat Luna, kalau banyak, Alhamdulillah rezeki berpihak kat Luna. Luna tadapat na jangka or terlalu berharap sebab Luna sedar macam mana keadaan Luna masa SPM dulu. ;( Tapi apa apa pun, doakan Luna yang baik baik je. Doakan Luna sentiasa tak berbangga diri jika berada diatas, doakan luna tak jatuh terjunam jika berada dibawah. Semoga yang baik baik saja walau apa pn keadaan. Insya-Allah. (:

Today Notes ; Ttbe rajen na update blog.;)


Train - Catch If You Can.

Theme song ; Bella Luna by Jason Mraz.

"Cinta tu ibarat train. Kalau terlepas satu train, kita akan tunggu the next train. Cepat atau lambat kita tetap boleh tunggu. Mungkin next train bukan train yang betul, tapi ada juga the next train lagi kan?  Sabar lah tunggu, nanti datang jugak lah The RIGHT train kan? " (:

So kawan kawan, once you met the wrong guy, percayalah there is always have a second chance, either meet the right guy or maybe the wrong guy again but its still a chance. * ape luna cuba cakap? -__- But yeah, love is like we waiting fe a train. There is always have a probability either the next train is the right train or wrong train. So if we sabar menunggu, the right train akan muncul jugak. Macam Prince Frog korg la. (: Ohh, kecuali lah, korang buat keje ta senonoh tunggu LRT kat Stesen KTM Bangi, memang LRT takan muncul la sebab LRT cuma ada kat KL je. HAHA! :D

So, selamat menunggu the RIGHT train. 


February 25, 2010

True or False?

Jantung dupdapdupdap. 
Mual mual.
Sakit kepala.
Nafas pendek.
Tak lalu makan. *sikitsikit la.
Banyak termenung.

- Simptom Penyakit Na Dapat Result -

Zirafah betul. Kejab 1Mac, 2Mac, 11Mac, 16Mac. HEE! -,-

Sekolah my sis announce 2Mac.
Patut percaya ke tak? hmm.

Today notes ; I love I care I like. (:

lunasayang. (:

February 24, 2010

Forget or Ter- Forget?

Goeiedag everyone. (:

AWAS ; Entry panjang. Tanak bace tape, tak pakse. :]

Lewat kebelakangan ini, Luna kerap berjumpa kembali dengan rakan rakan lama. Berjumpe? tak Terjumpe la. Maybe I should say my primary schoolmate kot lg tepat? Seriously, macam menghantui pun ade gak. I dont know why, but as I said, I met a lot of them. Anywhere, everywhere. Padahal befo this i never meet them kat mana mana pun. Macam Im not in their world. *poyo betul. Serious aa. During my highschool life, I never meet anyone from that school. Except for those yang pegi the same school laa kan. Azmel, Syakira, Zaqwan, Madihah.  Luna memang pelik. =.= Lupa kan jee. 

Hee, Luna bukan lupa kawan la. -,-  Lupa kawan skola rendah? Takk lah. I still can remember their name and face. * sometime or usually I cant remember the name. HAHA! Okay fine, should I list out my classmate on my senior year at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bangi sebagai bukti? I still remember laa.

Amydia Amrullah, Amira Najwa, Anis Syafiqah, Iman Aisyah, Ummu Nabila, Madihah,  Fatin Adilah, Nur Huda, Ismul Azam, Aisar Ayadi, Ariffin, Wan Ismail, Shahrul Aidy, Nazrin, Fatin Akma,  Syazwani, Afiqah,  Azmel,  Zaqwan, Siti Hajra Mu'minah

Okay, saya mengaku. Tak ingat. ngee. Bukan la. Maybe otak jemm kot? But seriously, yang laen memang ta ingat name. Sorry. :P Ohh, ade tak my primary schoolmate yang bace this blog, tolong tambah lagi, bagi luna egt blek. *I dont think they read what I wrote here. Mungkin effect saya melanggar pintu kereta dulu? Ntah. Ada yang Luna egt, but im not so sure are they in the same class or not. Sorry, doesnt means anything. Yang da list, memang sure my classmate. The others I cant remember which class. But for sure they are my primary schoolmate. 

Izzati NasirNur Farhana Jamil, Amirah Azhar, Fatin ape ntah? ,Afiq, Azmi, Syawal, Arif, Akmal, Syakira. 
woot, rse mcm banyak nama, but ble list tade? =.= masalah mental sungguh.

Actually, I hate my primary school life. Previous life, sumpah annoying. Bukan la life. but childhood la. Serious, I hate myself diwaktu itu. Eee, malu la ble egt balek. Perangai, sekarang bape kali ganda better kot? Or mybe sekarang more worst but not so memalukan macam kecik kecik dlu. Pluss, Im stupid. -,- Bodoh gegila. One thing that The OLD LUNA and The NEW LUNA have a common kan. SHE STILL DONT HAVE A  LOT OF FRIENDS. =.= HAHA!

ps ; That name, ade yang de link. (: But sorry if ade link broken. Ta check. :B And and bukan setakat link je broken. My english too. ;D

today notes ; i love more and more everyday! *penyakit Mr A kembali. :D

iwillsaylunasayangsemua. (:

February 22, 2010

i love i care.

tade mood na update.
11 March 2010. 

today notes ; i like you again mr A. :)


February 10, 2010

Da Daring Little Princess.

Hello, konichiwa, namaste, aloha. ;)

Topic fe today ; Regret. Terkilan. Kekesalan. 

 Theme song fe this post is ; Nadiku by Sabhi Saddi.

 I watched Tari Tirana. and I cried A LOT. every single moment is so damn sad. One part when Tirana talk to Neo ( in her imagination), She told him about terkilan. I cant remember the dialogue. But Neo part ; "Terkilan yang amat sangat, tu yang saye rase setelah saye tiada lagi kat dunia.". Sedey kan? Neo cakap dlm nada yang, sedey dan ttbe dapat rase terkilan dye. ;(

Well, tu la lumrah manusia kan? Tak pernah sempurna. Memang tabiat manusia yang selalu tak menghargai yang ada depan mata kan? Selalu tercari cari sesuatu yang tak pasti sekaligus mengabaikan yang didepan mata. Kenapa ye? Padahal yang depan mata tu lah orang yang penuh kasih sayang, orang yang paling memahami, orang yang paling menyayangi kita, orang yang sentiasa ada saat kite perlu. Namun biasanya kita jarang nampak semua itu kan? Yang kita nampak hanyalah ketidaksempurnaan Tabiat manusia. Sekarang saya sedang bercakap secara umum ; keluarga, kawan dan cinta. (: Tapi once orang tu tade lagi kat sisi kita, orang itu dah berundur, orang tu dah pergi jauh dari kita, orang tu dah tade lagi dalam dunia. Masa tu, baru kita sedar kewujudan dia, baru kita sedar betapa kita memerlukan dia, baru kita kenang saat saat berssama dia, baru kita sedar segala pengorbanan dia, baru juga kita sedar betapa banyak nya kasih dia kepada kita kan? Tak tipu semua nya, ia bukanlah setakat kata kata. Itulah realiti yang saya juga merasakan.

So my sweetie pie, open your eyes. Tengok yang depan mata siapa yang hanyalah fantasi dan siapa yang merupakan realiti. Realiti yang kekal selamanya. kan? So sekarang, cari lah segala manusia yang teramat amat istimewa tu. Datang padanya, minta maaf, dan jangan lupe, cakap apa yang ada rasa, nanti tak sempat anda akan menyesal dan terkilan. Pergi kepadanya dan peluk beliau. hmm. Sayang dan hargainya lah. (:

If Today Was Your Last Day.

"So do whatever it takes
'Cause you can't rewind a moment in this life
Let nothing stand in your way
'Cause the hands of time are never on your side"

Sedang mencuba menulis. Cerita pendek? Novel? Cerpen? Perlukan sesorang tuk membantu. cik nfk? :D

Today notes ; Im trying to change.  


February 7, 2010

The Little Prince.

hello and hye. (:

can someone tell me what is the different between DREAM, and HOPE

I cant sleep yesterday. Dont ask me why, because every time I got insomnia and I never know why. Maybe because of macam macam. So, last night I've wrote a lot lot lot. *my handwriting is so damn buruk. One of it is about hope and dream. Hope and Dream, are they same or they are different? For me these two word are so different kot. Sometime when we hope fe something but we never work on it, its not call hope anymore. Its called Dream. Dream is something yang kite tak berusaha na dapatkan. If its come true, it just we are lucky. Hope is complicated word. *poyo betull. = =" HAHA. yeah, Hope is something we really want. Its not because we are Lucky, its because we work on it. we'll  gve our best to make it come true.Between this two word, Hope is much valuable when its come true compare to Dream kan? Its about our usaha to make it real. So, itr much worth. The diff feeling between these two word memang dapat rase. So every time we want to wish fe something, dont treat it like Dream, seboleh boleh ny make it as your Hope. Work fe it. Dont give up. * ape luna merepek? sadiss. = ="

Heyyo luna. Pandai betul cakap. Diri sendiri pun ta terjage. Hmm, result nieh memang aa **&#$%@#*. Keep on coming to my head. Seriously I hate this feeling. Duhh, poor me. Tu la luna, dlu tanak study. *menyesal sungguh. Huu, jealous oke tengok some of my friends dapat scholarship and everythingg. ;\ Ohh, please dun ask me about UPU. I have'nt open it lagi. I dont know which course I really fit in. My parents says about being a Teacher. But mak, im not so interested aa. But I know sometimes ape yang parents cakap tu, tu la the best fe us. Hmm, nanti dulu ek. Nanti adik fikirkan. I want TESL. Just TESL even though my English is so damn terok. But fe me, I want to be that. So 1 day I'll teach my student supaye jangan sampai jadi teruk macam English luna. HAHA! And and cegu Add Math pun okeyh. (: Now,  I've been thinking about Engineering and Actuarial Science. A lot people said Actuarial Science should be out of list. *sebab susa sangat. We'll see my result nanti. Mane mane yang qualified la. Dapat masuk UM or UiTM tu memang da bersyukur gle fe their Asasi. If tadapat, hopefully dapat la matriculation. Hmm, *sigh. Macam mne kalau tak layak? Duhh. Luckily due date fe UPU lambat lagi. After result. Well, actually I dont want to give harapan yang menggunung to my own heart. When we fill up the form kan, fe the first time. We choose the course that we want, but the reality is, we still dont know are we qualified into that course ke tak. So, luna tak berani na letak harapan tu. Because I scare to break my own heart. Im scared to do that things. I love my own heart. But memang ta salah untuk bercita cita kan. Laen orang laen care. Fe now, cari lah course yang paling sesuai. Keep on searching which is the best fe you. Klw bley, cari maklumat tentang ape yang awak nak tu. Think about all the probability, macam macam. keputusan nieh bukan keputusan kecik macam nak bunuh semut ke tanak, tapi its a big desicion, its about your life my sweetheart. Once you dah yakin that course is the best fe you. Go fe it, dont let anyone let you down. But try dga ape orang cakap because sometimes what people said, ade betul ny. Jangan keras hati sangat macam luna. *ble beremosi mesti tanak dga cakap orang. :B Ngee.

ppl,  tengok tak Blogger Boy? ohh, Budi is so damn annoying kott. he broke up with Maya because Maya did'nt tell him about his mother. hee! Mak Budi asked her to keep that secret and Maya memang nak bagitahu Budi. hee! wth la Budi oii. After his mother told hm evrything he still cannot forgive Maya. Kesian Maya, bukan dye bersalah. ;( Budi, nanti kalau luna jumpe awak, luna cekik awak. Grr. *over la pulak. :D

Today Notes ; I love you Siputt. :D


January 26, 2010

when stupid become stupider. = ="

hey, its me, Luna. (:

hmm, cik NFK, i dont have words. 

i think my communication skill getting worse and worse since i just sit doing nothing at home. seriously i feel so stupid now. like i never know anything. yesterday i ask my babang, what is K in periodic table. bodoh tak bodoh? K tu kan potassium. grr. i need to refresh my brain before it getting worse. well, its so damn worse now.then tadi try to help someone with her addmath stuff. Thank God, i still remember to do that. progression jee kot. if she ask me trigo, im gonna die because i dont think i will get the answer. yea, in this mean time. to be honest, i miss school life. everyday with a lott of hw. *im not someone who alwys fnshed hw. ntah, i dunno what am i missing at school. mybe it just a regret for being just a stupid and lazy student duludulu. stop it luna, u sound so bodoh. = ="

and now, i cant stop thinking of my upcoming result. goshh, im so damn scare! takutt gyle na mati. yea, i know its sound HA HA HA HA fe those yang pandai. fe those yang 'kurang' pandai like me, its like hari pembalasan. duhh, i wish i can turn back time. hmm, its not because of the memories with my deary bestf, but i want to study again. -,- sudah terhantuk baru terngadah. now i know my mom and my dad want me to get the best so i can go anywhere, layak je mohon semua. hmm,actually i have a lil problem now, i dont know my hala tuju right after this. macam orang hidup tade pengangan. terumbang ambing. macam tu la dalam hati luna sekarang. terumbang ambing buut not because tade pegangan but tade citecite. some of my friend have started their further study now, sedangkan luna still on the same place without any changes. im so so so so jelous with them. honestly, im so envy to them. *sigh.

please, get me out of this feeling. i cant stop thinking of my future, seriously i dun think my upcoming result is not good as others especially my babang. huhh. some one please get me a counselor. i neva thinking about goin to see a counselor. memang tak pernah because im not interested, i hate PMD that we all have to attend every year. there is not a lot of diff since im form 1 till i finished my form 5. sorry cegu, i dun mean to hurt ur feeling. mybe its because of me yang memang ta minat untuk di touchingtouching kan hati. ur program is good.its true. but its the same thing every year. *enough, i dun want to hurt anyone. so now im so terhegeh hegeh searching fe counselor. anyone want to be counselor to me? = =" yea, now the only person who i can talk about this is my babang. he always told me that i can do it, there nothing to worry about my result. HA HA HA. *sigh. 

what is the best job fe me?

anyone can get the answer fe me.
hadiah misteri menanti anda. *stupid.

today notes ; rainbow rainbow. :D


January 10, 2010

yea, i falling in love with you.

*title entry tade kenemngene dengan the old raksase hijau.

heyy, hello.

you are not my raksase hijau anymore.
because you're someone belonging. *salah ek ayat?
aaa, you belong to someone.
now you're e's or i's. *not so sure her name i or e.
bukan raksase hijau like i used to call you dulu.
i know when you love someone, you really mean it.
konon big obstacle laa ape laa. lastlast, ended up with happy ending jugak. (:

congratulation. *evntgh awak tabtau luna pn.

may SHE love you as you love her. 
and taking care of ur heart yang sometime, brittle. -,-
wish you last long long long. 

today notes ; abang, get well soon oke! rindu na men kejakeja. (:

ps; cik Raimy Shafiq, saye da buat post
yang bernada normal and happy. :B


January 8, 2010


i cried a lot lot lot.
sampai mate sepet sepet sesepetnye.
i cant let you go.
i dont know why.
i dont have the answer.

January 6, 2010


hello, hye. 

lepaking wif mak, talking about my future husband. 

luna ; if the only if jodo adik dengan mat saleh?

mom ; mak memang tak suke dan tak berkenan. cubecube la kawen ngn orang tuu. tawu la adik nanti.

luna ; haa. kang adik kawen betulbetul baru tawu.

mom ; kawen la kawen. nanti susa jangan bisengbiseng nak cari mak. mase tu mak bukan boleh tolong ape.

luna ; mak takesa kalaw adik susa?

mom ; kau yang cari masalah. *ade pulak kan cakap mcm tu.

luna ; mak tanak yang mate biru? hijau?

mom ; buat ape klw tade agame. huh. *emosional la pulak. -,-

luna ; dont worry la mak, i was hoping fe Indonesian.

mom ; hah? kat tepitepi rumah pun melambak. HAHAHA.

luna ; -,- mak nieh, tepitepi rumah tu? pleasee. im looking fe Indonesian yang mix ngn dutch oke. bukan muke tak mandi. mcm tu.

mom ; hahaha. okay, klw adik nak tu mak kasi. pastikan adik kaye. nanti bley selalu bawak mak pegi Indonesia. *serious?

luna ; of cz! i love you! <3

* menggedik nak kawen. -,-

today notes ; rindu Mia. :(