"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."

February 7, 2010

The Little Prince.

hello and hye. (:

can someone tell me what is the different between DREAM, and HOPE

I cant sleep yesterday. Dont ask me why, because every time I got insomnia and I never know why. Maybe because of macam macam. So, last night I've wrote a lot lot lot. *my handwriting is so damn buruk. One of it is about hope and dream. Hope and Dream, are they same or they are different? For me these two word are so different kot. Sometime when we hope fe something but we never work on it, its not call hope anymore. Its called Dream. Dream is something yang kite tak berusaha na dapatkan. If its come true, it just we are lucky. Hope is complicated word. *poyo betull. = =" HAHA. yeah, Hope is something we really want. Its not because we are Lucky, its because we work on it. we'll  gve our best to make it come true.Between this two word, Hope is much valuable when its come true compare to Dream kan? Its about our usaha to make it real. So, itr much worth. The diff feeling between these two word memang dapat rase. So every time we want to wish fe something, dont treat it like Dream, seboleh boleh ny make it as your Hope. Work fe it. Dont give up. * ape luna merepek? sadiss. = ="

Heyyo luna. Pandai betul cakap. Diri sendiri pun ta terjage. Hmm, result nieh memang aa **&#$%@#*. Keep on coming to my head. Seriously I hate this feeling. Duhh, poor me. Tu la luna, dlu tanak study. *menyesal sungguh. Huu, jealous oke tengok some of my friends dapat scholarship and everythingg. ;\ Ohh, please dun ask me about UPU. I have'nt open it lagi. I dont know which course I really fit in. My parents says about being a Teacher. But mak, im not so interested aa. But I know sometimes ape yang parents cakap tu, tu la the best fe us. Hmm, nanti dulu ek. Nanti adik fikirkan. I want TESL. Just TESL even though my English is so damn terok. But fe me, I want to be that. So 1 day I'll teach my student supaye jangan sampai jadi teruk macam English luna. HAHA! And and cegu Add Math pun okeyh. (: Now,  I've been thinking about Engineering and Actuarial Science. A lot people said Actuarial Science should be out of list. *sebab susa sangat. We'll see my result nanti. Mane mane yang qualified la. Dapat masuk UM or UiTM tu memang da bersyukur gle fe their Asasi. If tadapat, hopefully dapat la matriculation. Hmm, *sigh. Macam mne kalau tak layak? Duhh. Luckily due date fe UPU lambat lagi. After result. Well, actually I dont want to give harapan yang menggunung to my own heart. When we fill up the form kan, fe the first time. We choose the course that we want, but the reality is, we still dont know are we qualified into that course ke tak. So, luna tak berani na letak harapan tu. Because I scare to break my own heart. Im scared to do that things. I love my own heart. But memang ta salah untuk bercita cita kan. Laen orang laen care. Fe now, cari lah course yang paling sesuai. Keep on searching which is the best fe you. Klw bley, cari maklumat tentang ape yang awak nak tu. Think about all the probability, macam macam. keputusan nieh bukan keputusan kecik macam nak bunuh semut ke tanak, tapi its a big desicion, its about your life my sweetheart. Once you dah yakin that course is the best fe you. Go fe it, dont let anyone let you down. But try dga ape orang cakap because sometimes what people said, ade betul ny. Jangan keras hati sangat macam luna. *ble beremosi mesti tanak dga cakap orang. :B Ngee.

ppl,  tengok tak Blogger Boy? ohh, Budi is so damn annoying kott. he broke up with Maya because Maya did'nt tell him about his mother. hee! Mak Budi asked her to keep that secret and Maya memang nak bagitahu Budi. hee! wth la Budi oii. After his mother told hm evrything he still cannot forgive Maya. Kesian Maya, bukan dye bersalah. ;( Budi, nanti kalau luna jumpe awak, luna cekik awak. Grr. *over la pulak. :D

Today Notes ; I love you Siputt. :D



Anonymous said...

sengal gile budi tu. tu pun nak clash terus ngan maya. tak pasal2 je. cam bodoh gila


luna. said...

tawu tape. hee! saket hati kan? bengap punye Budi. Maya tu punye la baek. kesian dye. :(

Aidi-Safuan said...

dream = mimpi
hope = harapan

so, dream tuh time tido. hope tuh time sedar. agak2 bole terima ke jawapan ni? :p

luna. said...

bley trme la jugak, but daydream. bukan mse tido kan? (: