"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."

November 24, 2011

Stop and Stare

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps. :)

I miss you people. Apa kabarmu? Hak hak hak. Hello again. :)

We all have a plenty of choices in life. Every second of our life is actually have a million of choices. For example, when you cross the road, there is a lot of probabilities. One you will cross it when the traffic light shows red. Or you just cross it without thinking all those probabilities? Get me? Haha. I actually dont know how to express what in my heart now. Ive a lot to say when it comes to the choices things. Well, because Ive gone through a lot of that moment. Moment when you have to make a big decision with a lot of choices. I bet all of you have been through this too. Haruslah kan because youre normal people just like me. :)

Well, jujurnya ibu bapaku sangat nak aku jadi seorang CIKGU, :) Ohh, I mean actually they want me to be doctor, dentist or pharmacist at first, but Im not qualified at all to become that. Haha. For them, as a girl. CIKGU is the best career. Fyi, orang tuaku adalah orang lama. In their "future planning" for me, there is no engineering or architecture or accounting. Just those three professional career at the hospital and teacher. :)

I prefer to say my future career is environmentalist. InsyaAllah. :) I know my parents, they dont know about this course so much, and they dont have confident whether this course will give me a good career to me or not. Because they never think of other courses, I know mereka sangat risau dengan saya. They think I made a wrong decision, which well for me its a right decision. This is what I want, to be an environmentalist. :) They do support me eventhough they dont really show it up. They scared I might fall and couldnt stand again. And I give up. Dont worry ayah and mak, I will never give up. Thank you so much, Ayah and Mak. I'll do my best and prove to both of you, the path that Im taken is the right path. :) 

Today Notes : The wrong decision can always be corrected. Because sometime the wrong decision will lead us to the better ones. :)


November 11, 2011

Start All Over Again.

Hello and assalamualaikum. :) 

Its been quite a long time since I last wrote here. Hello again, and I miss you people. :)

Well, yes, everything changes. Ive changed, like a lot mybe? Haha. Umm, Im no longer jobless girl. Hihi, Im officially be a part of one of university. And as a their student of course. Guess what courses did I took. Try la teka. :D Emm, well Im environmentalist-to-be. *inshaAllah* Okayy. Emm, I dont have a word to say. Haha. Well, I barely know what is interesting about the University life and such things. For me, nothing interesting yet? Screw me up. Aha! I kindda try to love this place but yeah, still trying and yes, Im trying my best to fit in this new life. Hmm. 

Everything changed, just as I. Kadang kadang saya rasa Im not in the right path. The path that currently Im taking is something that I dont have guts on it. Like seriously, i never wonder myself being that ".." things. My life now messed up actually. I didnt understand the lecture, I cant do the tutorial, I didnt score well. Well yeah, Im not someone who are really good in the particular subject. I just a girl who love physics with all her heart but that girl didnt really score it well. Im that girl. I grew in the family who thinks if you didnt score A for your math, youre kinda stupid lah. Im just an ordinary girl who has nothing special on herself. Ive a lot of WH question in my head now. Haha. Im the girl who has no confident in herself in any way pun. But, theres something that I believe on. God will help me kalau saya berusaha dan yakin padaNya. :) 

Even saya rasa, Im not qualified of being that * referringtothecourseimtaking* and I think I made a wrong step. But I know one thing, I cant turn back. There is no turning point for me to turn back. So saya akan teruskan berlari dan jika saya terjatuh saya pasti bangun semula, jika saya tak mampu berlari, saya akan berjalan, dan terus berjalan tanpa melihat ke belakang. :) Sebab saya tahu, evethough at a certain point, I might fall, and failed. But if I turn back and try to start all over again, itu akan menghabiskan masa saya. If I stand up again and get my momentum back, I will have no regret atleast because I know, Ive tried my best to be the best. :) 

Today notes : Jangan patah balik kerana ketidakyakinan awak. Yakin lah, Allah akan membantu hamba hambaNya yang berusaha dan Dia sentiasa merencanakan sesuatu yang baik untuk kita.