"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."

April 30, 2009


hati ini?

idk why my heart lyk mcm.. gundah gulana jee. gahh, i hate this feeling..
am i in jealous-ing's mood? huhh. i hate this feeling. its hurtt kott.
today i fast-ing. perut bernyanyi riang bcz ta sahur. sakett kott; gastric. :/
so, today i was lyk a moodless face lah kan. then, luna rse ngntukk gyle.
i want to take a nap at class td. tutp je mate, bru na berlayar.
"bangg!" , amad pukul my meja. and i mcm.. grr.
sumpah terkejut. my heartbeat mcm hape dahh. and and da la others nmpk.
so mcm.. MALU + TERKEJUT.
its amad not PN MERIAM ahh. ayamonn.
ohh, currently, i felt in love wif one song nie. i cnt rmmbr who sang that song.
nvm, but the lyric mcm aww. so bestt kott. sweet..


April 28, 2009

colour of my world. (:


Spectrum: 7th and last color of the spectrum
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Gemstone: Sapphire
Metal: Tin
Musical Note: B - sacred music, hymns

Attributes: Nobility, spiritual aspiration, honor and self-esteem. Magnetic, tense, powerful, healing, spiritual, meditative, religious, royal and divine. Medically, it cools the nerves and is antiseptic.

Characteristics: Purple personalities strive to better themselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally. They are voracious readers, constantly seeking knowledge, particularly in tales of the lives of others. Wanting a greater spiritual connection, they love the subjects of theology and religion. Thus armed, they love to spread their findings to others to help them on their spiritual paths.

Being perfectionists, they are prone to self-sabotage by being overly critical of themselves. In an extreme form, those who like the muted shades of purple can become religious zealots who feel the God given right to judge others and mete out retribution. The search for spirit is lost in their fanaticism.

Those who favor darker purple work to find inner peace and love and a connection to God or their higher power. As givers, they are fine friends as they don't seem to ask much for themselves. If they do seek help from another and are not clear in their desire, they may resent the fact that their request is not forthcoming. They can develop a hard-done-by attitude in this case. Over-functioner resenting under-functioner.

April 26, 2009


mr. M,

hmm. awak selalu jadi yang terhebat di mate beliau kan? hmm. beliau jua lah yg terhebat di mate anda. now saye da paham. and please dont hurt me more. i just want to enjoy my life. even without you. im so so tired to waiting fe your text. yes, fyi, im queen control. hmm.. Allah, please help me to face this. i have to kick him away. I MUST. crushh feeling is fadingg away. Alhamdulillah. (:


April 25, 2009


ohh. my sista said i getting BULAT². too badd kan? hahha. yeah i noe. im getting more and more bulat each day. haha. currently kan, luna so so so peramah to all people. sumtyme mcm ta bertempat. yeah i noe. CRAZY. ahaha. but who care? i love to be that sumtyme. ohh. i hope i'll be more pandai lahh. i want to be pandai please? cn u gve it to me now? how much? someone please offer me thatt. i wanttt. i really want it. but i noe, there is no one can gve me that offer kn? hmm. i must me more rajenn kn? i MUST! mid term is just around the corner. so i have to work very very very HARD!.

ohh. td i went to alamanda. and my aim is to shopping. but unfortunately lahh kan.. we're stuck at nose and viss. my sis stuck there and she ask me to shopping alone. ohh ALONE? gahhh. its nt fun lah. and plus, i dun hve money. she not so giving money to me if she nt there. huh.too badd kn? then i da mcm org gyle at viss. so i went to mph and thanks GOD. she gave me some money lah kan. i bought 2 mgznes je. there is no intrstng new book. huh. boredd. so i mcm jln2 without tujuan lah kn. sangat lah bosan. and and i went to viss again and begging my sis to get home. i mcm da tatahan lg. ohh, i want to shoppingg. grr. then she promse to took me shopping. and and when i get home. and ngade2 mintak mama gve me some sponsor and and i get it! wee! well, im so happy. but.. i cant make it tmrrw, cz im too-busy, wif school stuff. grr. malang.

p/s ; ohh, saya rindu anda lah.

can we be more than that?

April 20, 2009


ohh, im not hyperbola person, and i don't know how to tell him. hahha. im crush-ingg at him now. ohh, real kah ini? reality kott. hmm, i just want him to stay. just stay beside me. i dont want to be his very special person, i just want to be one of his special person. if i cant be there, then, keep me in his heart, just a small space fe me. hee. currently u're crush-ingg mood wif someone else and i dont mind because im just want to be by ur side. hee. well, im not a gurl who r cute, pretty, and so on. i just ordinary fat gurl. haha, so i know where should i be. and im not 'lembut' lyk other gurl. and and i dont want to be lyk them. im not pandai lyk others. my englsh are trully bad. kite mmg ta sekufu, i dun have ur future gf's criteria, so forget about it. it justt a lovely crushh tyme and i enjoy it! (:


April 17, 2009

i need you..

hmm, my lyf getting oke now, mybe de hikmah nye ble tercetusnye "perang dingin" btween luna and them. and afte that "perang", i mcm da close wif my clssmte, i mean evryone. ohh, nw i undrstnd.. dun judge book by its cover. and actlly, they are just fine, and luna salah. but now mcm da oke wif evrythng, ngn them pn da bck to nrmal, nt really nrmal kot, sbb luna da byk diam ltely nieh. diam to EVERYONE. hmm.. my April Test result are BAD. gah, mybe i should be more 'rajin" lahhh. adoyy.

eyh eyh eyh,

catalyst. i miss you lahh.):

i need mia and hani,

April 15, 2009


my previous blog kn, ignre je. problem problem problem. haih. tired.

April 14, 2009

cry baby cry.

mamat ;

he is my friend. i love to be his friend, and he's so so so funny guy! we neva met yet. actlly, i have met him. but, dye blur. taprsan. haha. i cn share many things wif him. i mean, almost EVERYTHING kott. things yg i jrg share wif my bestf. but, tu dulu kan? nw, crrntly, lately nie we're not so close. he's busy wif his life and i do kindda busy too. so, flow wif the flow. acctly kn, kn kn, he almost perfect guy. haha. almost kott. i neva met sumone who re TOTALLY PERFECT. qq is the one who are almost totally perfect. (lupekan je.) but mamat dun have the 'kerinting' hair. ahaha. blah blah blah. dye tlampau baek fe me. he's too handsme fe me. and he's too jaooo to get. tapaya fikir lahh. and MOST important is he is my FRIEND. luna mmg just his FRIENDS not more or less. . to mamat, thnks cz alwys spprt luna. evntgh kte da not so close pn, mke sure kte ta lost cntct k. u're one of my VVIP. sorry cz alwys burden u wif my prblm. (:

p/s - why do i post his blog? ahaha. bored. englsh getting worst! X)


April 11, 2009


day by day passed kn, luna da mcm oke kot. ohh. penat. April test? i ruin it. hahah. i work quite hard this tyme, bukan smbl lewa je. but, tatao la npe dpt makin terok plak. sedih and kecewa. grrr.tasuke tasuke tasuke. ohh, ttbe i terdapat tawu yg de org benci luna. luna mcm.. okeh fine. benci? takesa pn. mati kau pn tade efek hidup aku lahh. so, blah je la. tapaya na kutuk2 weyy. men ah dpn2. nieh tak, post kt blog je. kecut gyle. huhh. i tanak benci org dah, just stop hating ppl sbb hdup takan aman. pcye lahh. hmm. Alhamdullillah hati da makin tenang. problem still bt sttle yet, but da leh control. and i hope 1 day okeh lahh. (:

eyh, idk wat to sayy. ohh yeah, currently luna da tarapat ngn "sumone" tu, and and luna tasuke if ppl ckp luna ngn dye lg. i mcm ntah. tatao npe ktorg ttbe away, so tapaya tye. tapenting pn. bcz of "away" uh. luna tanak jmpe dye. sbb i noe, t mcm "stranger" je. btter i pass to sumone else. and yeayy. i found sumone who want to help mee! weewee. haha. sorry fe "sumone" tuh cz pass that things. bukan tanak jmpe. tp mcm.. kte da nt so close kn, so wat pe na jmpe lg? hmm. tade sbb and alsn laen slaen we are not so close anymore. and kte takan de mende na ckp anymore. so, sorry again. i noe u ta bace pn my blog nieh. but.. ahh, ignre me.


April 2, 2009


April Test coming, so im AWAY. agaga. why do people love to hurt others? i cant understand it. i really cant understand it. did i love to hurt others? hmm, mybe.. people, stop hurt me lahh. there is a lott of people who hurt me every second of my lyf. hee. im fading away .. im not LUNA anymore. i changed to moodless luna, stupid luna, blur luna, crying luna, and etc. haihh. i want to be the real LUNA. bukan FAKE lg. im too tired to fake a smile and my happiness. i keep on trying to forget this, but sumtyme i cant. heee. now, lupe kan je lahh. btw, fe April test kn. im not so ready yet. biase lah luna. wat kje last minute. adoiii. but but but luna da jd agak rajen gak lahh. im not so malas anymore. hahaha. people, doa kan luna kuat oke. doa kn luna selalu gembira and doakan gak luna jadi pandai. and and doa kn luna dpt cari the real luna.