"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."

October 31, 2008

Teeth-ly Smile. :B

i just receive cmmnt from seyha.

"hey girlfriend.. just read ur blog.. u noe wat.. banyak btul stress n tense.. hv u ever ask urself? when is the last tym u smile, laugh n felt happy with the whole of ur heart.. ur beautiful face look awful when u're stressed out u noe? smile now.. let everything go away.. just noe this.. whenever u think u're alone.. there always someone.. at least remember Allah.. we cant see Him.. but He's there.. talk to Him.. mnarilah dan terus tertawa.. walau dunia xseindah syurga.. bsyukurlah pd yg kuasa.. cinta kita di dunia.. smile now.. sorry if i ever make u cry.."

meh i jwb smue uh..

the last tym i smile, laugh and felt happy wif all my heart is, when i got a phone from miera 38 minute pass. Dun worry i've my guardian angel who will make me smile, laugh n happy. I slu jek smile n laugh wif my heart. ntahh. bak kte nidji,

menarilah dan terus tertawa,
walau dunia tak seindah syurga,
bersyukurlah pada yang kuasa,
cinta kita di dunia.

so, i learn from this song. i dun eva care bout ppl. i just care bout myself, n now. i stand as LUNA again.n i neve regret to have such as that lyf befo. becoz i learn from mistake n i wish i m not live in such of that situation again. dun worry hani, seyha n all. im just fine. i da biase ALONE, so i mcm da fine je ngn situation nieh. (: memang pena 1 day luna rse cum realli tired to be alone, but credit fo hani cuz there when i need sum1. evntgh we neve meet. but she try to undrstnd me. afta i talked wif her, i realized how shld i be sad n alone. at least when no 1 there wif me, there is sum1 who still care. (; mybe seyha, fara, u dunno me yet. but i takesa bcuz i no need to undrstnd. enough if u be my good friend. luna da ckup feel gud. n u all tapaya la mcm nk phm sgt luna.bcuz u'll never understnd me.

so, d conclusion is, im ordinary gurl who r no need to be understnd. enough if u tak break my heart.. tu je da ckup. please.. dun hurt me. to seyha n fara; thank coz being my good friend. (: and to hani ; thanks cuz when i need sum1. u noe wat, now yg luna leh share n undrstnd me here is mieya. but she is in the hostel. so i cannt cntct wif her. but at least i found hani, (; n again please dun undrstd me afta u all read this blog, bcuz t i akn rse laen.. so let it go jee. n again i wish thankies to u all. (:


with all my heart,
luna. <3

Crying day.

yesterday is my crying day ohh. huhh. i cry bcoz i cant carry chemstry. im so stupid. i worry bout my result. evntgh i noe, i've thrown my Mr. Worry, but i dunno y kept worry bout d result. im not throw my Mr. Worry in exmination.gahhh.the very big thankies to my guardian angel. (: cikSalehuddin. he try to give d best advce fo me evntgh he is not good in mtvated ppl nieh. but he still try. (; thanks abg!i noe chemistry is quite tough. but i'll try d best! bia la klw fail pn.i least i try my best en. (:


n now, pe yg i nk ckp.hmm.aahha!i know, indie band that i love. (: . i do love bunkface. very very very love.hahaha.i want to buy their EP. but i dunno whre i can find it. duhh. :( hahaha.

luna is sumone who r love the lyric and then bru strt love the song. (: if d lyrc bermakna n indah. i'll love that song evntgh lots of ppl say it not sedap n bla bla bla.idc oke.i love what i love la.

hve u heard The Official song?hidup kita? gagaga.i do love the song!sgt bermakna fo me. :) come and listen to this song.

Hidup Kita by The Official.

Kemanakah perginya,
Teman-teman setia?
Suka duka, gelak ketawa,
Tiada lagi bernyawa.

Oh! yang tinggal,
Hanya sisa hidup remaja
Membawa kita ke dunia yang nyata

Tak ku kesali apa yang kulalui
Teguh dibalut memori

Bersama menempuh segalanya
Berganding sentiasa menuju puncak hidup kita
Yang telah dibina

Kemanakah perginya,
Teman-teman setia?
Suka duka, gelak ketawa,
Tiada lagi bernyawa

Oh! kenangan bersama
Hanya tinggal di minda
Memjadi pegangan hidup yang penuh makna
Bawa kembali yang telah disemadi
Tak usah lagi bermimpi
Dan kita kan bersama semula

Kembalikan cahaya,
Nyawakan semula impian yang telah dibina.

try to understnd the verse. u'll find d real meaning of this song. :)

same goes to Bunkface ; they have a very beautiful lyrics. all of their song are realli great fo me.

come n listen to thiss too.

Situasi by Bunkface.

Diskriminasi menjatuhkan aku
Reputasi kini menjadi bisu
dan aku , ku layu

Mengharapkan sesuatu yang baru
itulah impian aku

Dan bila kau menghilang
Musnah la, musnah impian
tuk menggapai bintang
terangi hidup ku
Ku mahu kau tahu
engkaulah, destinasiku
dalam ingatanku .. oh oh oh…

Kerana diri ini tak daya lagi
menempuh hidup yang ku temui
dan aku , ku tunggu .. oh oh oh

Mengharapkan sesuatu yang baru
itulah impian aku

C/O dan C/O lagi… :)


today notes ; I want Bunkface's EP.Please!

with hopeful smile,

lunaa. (;

October 30, 2008

pagi yg laparr.

today, luna pose. damn!bru kol 12 da lapa.tu ah da lme bykk sgt mkn.tgok da ta biase pose.duhh.sakett..mlm td en. i mimpi baekk punye la. ;D tawu mimpi pe?jimmy. Jimmy Shanley. takan takenal?aduyaii.pape je la. tp luna ta sngke luna leh mimpi beliau.kahkahkah.sumpa klaka ohh mimpi uh. :D

bia je la,

hmm.nk cte pe lg eyh.u noe i realli intrsted ngn book. i cant live without book.but i neve show to ppl la. for what en?(: hmm.i got 5 fav book now. i cant live without all of the books!top of fav book is ;

1. Life is an Open Secret, Think About It by Sis Zabrina A. Bakar.

2. Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata.

3. Sang Pemimpi by Andrea Hirata.

4. Life is an Open Secret, You, Me and We by Sis Zabrina A. Bakar.

5. Edensor by Andrea Hirata.

As u can see en. I love all the Andrea Hirata work.He is very gud writer.fo me la. (; fo me, he write the story from his heart. n that make me feel good when i read the book. ((: all of Andrea Hirata work is true story. so i love the book la! Same goes to Sis Zabrina.i give credit to all her work. (: her work chnge me a lot.to b d good "hamba Allah". (;

mama, i nk g Indonesia!i want to watch Laskar Pelangi. Please, I begging u!

my english are fucking damn bad.
so tapaya la gelak bile bce.

with a teeth-ly smile,
luna. (:

October 29, 2008

Trust Your Lord.

The Story about Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
by ; Sis Zabrina A.Bakar.
especially for my Hunny. (:

That day, I had to go to see a friend. Since the meeting place was in the middle of the city, I decided to use the train instead of driving to avoid getting stuck in the traffic. As I boarded the train, I saw most seats had been taken, except for a few, so, I decided on one and sat down.

I looked around me and saw bored faces waiting to reach their destinations. But there was this one face in front of me whom my eyes were glued to. The woman looked so distracted and distraught. Obviously, her mind was fully occupied with something serious, like a heavy burden. She was just staring blankly in front of her. Her body was there, but her mind was definitely somewhere else!

I just couldn't help but wonder why she looked that way. Was her family in trouble?Was anyone sick?Perhaps she was facing financial difficulties. Allahu a'lam (Allah knows best).

I remember one of Allah's verses that can be translated as ;

(We do not impose on any self any more than it can stand. With Us there is a
Book which speaks the truth, They will not be wronged.)
(Al-Mu'minun 23:62)

How I wish I could tell her this. Dont be so worried. Allah will not test you more than you can bear. But that would be rather presumptuous, dont you think? Perhaps she knew this verse. But then again, what if she didn't know? Wouldn't this verse get rid of her worries and bring her great relief? Relief to know that whatever test and trials she may have been facing were actually bearable, because Allah shall never impose on anyone anything more than what that person can handle.

Caliph 'Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) once said ;

The one who longs for Paradise will rush towards good deeds;
The one who dreads Hell will put an end to his vices;
The one who has firm conviction in (the imminent arrival of) death will lose
all his passions; and
The one who really knows the dunya will find disasters easy to bear.

"The one who really knows the dunya will find disasters easy to bear." What did he mean by this? I needed to crack the wise words of our Prophet's son-in-law, who was the husband of Lady Fatimah, as well as one of the companions of the Prophet (peace be open him) guaranteed Paradise.

Well dunya a.k.a "this world", is temporary abode, not permanent. It is a place to test the believers and seprate the faithful from the rebellious. The higher the iman (faith) of a person, The bigger the test will be. Nothing in this world will last, and there will be the day when everythings will be destroyed - the Day of Judgement. Our real life will then be in Hereafter, Paradise.

No wonder Caliph 'Ali said that. Now I understand. If we know that, then whatever we face here, no matter how bad disaster, is only temporary. Just be patient with every test and so on enough we will, in sha' Allah, receive His bounty and rewards in a place that is permanent. Forever. Eternal.

Listen to what Allah said here,

(Or did you imagine that you were going to enter the Garden without God knowing
those among you who had struggled and knowing the steadfast?)
(Al-'Imran 3:142)

So, the reason why Allah trie us is actually to see if we are qualified fo His jannah- just like when we have to sit for an entrance examination before enrolling into prestigious institution. If we pass the test and make a cut, we are in. Otherwise, there is no place for us there. It is very fair, dont you think?

Subhan Allah, what a attractive way of thinking!

As I thought further, I realized that Caliph 'Ali's wise words aside, this feeling of worry is actually very destructive. It can make people be in a state of continuous depression, sadness, anxiety, and nervousness. It can affect someone quite negetively - both psychologically and physically. I am sure many would agree with me right?

No wonder Corrie Tan Boom said this,

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.

This is so true. People who worry are in state of hopelessnedd at all the times, which may result in loss of intrest in the future. Thier future. Why? because we, as humans, definately do not know what is going to happen to us later. Therefore, we can never be sure of anything - not even what will happen to us in next two seconds. Tick, Tock. Yes, those two second,

So, what we suppose to do now in order to ensure that our minds are at peace? What needs to be done so that we can sleep peacefully at night, stop our palms from sweating all the time, and prevent our heart from racing unnecessarily?

This is what Allah told us,

( Says ; Nothing shall ecer happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us.
He is our Lord and in Allah let the believers put their trust.)
(At-Taubah 9:51)

In Him, we should all put all our trust.

Isn't it wonderful to have a rope to hang on to? To know that everything that happens to us has been ordained by Allah?This actually means that we hould not be suprised at all about anything that takes place. It has been planned and penned by Allah. It just that we dont know about it.

Now, let me ask you a question. If it is our Lord and Creator who has ordained this trial upon us, then, logically speaking, whom should we turn to when seeking help? If we have medical problems, do we go to see a banker? If we have a problem in understanding mathematics, do weseek the help of a language teacher?

Our beloved Massenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) left us with a prayer (du'aa') that he used to recite when dealing with worries about the future ;

"O Allah, correct my religious commitment, which is the fundation of my life,
and correct my wordly affairs in which is my livelihood,
and grant me good in the Hereafter to which is my return.
Make my life a means of accumulating good,
and make death a respire for me from all evil"

And he also said ;

"O Allah, for Your mercy I hope , so do not abandon me to myself even for a moment.
And correct all my affairs. There is no God but You."
(Abu Dawud and classed as hasan by al-Albani)

A perfect prayer for distressed soul, Subhan Allah.

Imagine...asking Allh to correct my worldly and spiritual matters, asking Allah not to abandon me, even for a second, to make my life in this world blessed with godness and make my death as relief for me from evil. Allah!

And, in the end, Allah syas that :

(And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him..)
(At-Talaq 65 :3)

Of course, once we put our trust in Him, evrything else seems so small and trivial. He is Al- Barr (the Most Kind), The Source of Goodness..

How I wish we could tall have the same level of conviction as Caliph 'Umar below..

"I do not care in what state I wake up in the morning - whether it's good
or bad- since I do not know what is good for me and what is bad"

Just imagine how contented and peaceful his heart and mind were with such a level or trust in his Lord..

Let me share with you a poem I once read entitled Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow :

Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday
And today was such a lovely day,
that I wondered why I worried about today yesterday
So today I am not going to worry about tomorrow
There may not be a tomorrow anyway
So today I am going to live as if there is no tomorrow
And I am going to forget about yesterday.

Today is the tomorrow I planned for yesterday
And nearly all my plans for today did not plan out the way I thought they would yesterday
So today I am forgetting about tomorrow and I will plan for today
But not too strenuously
Today I will stop to smell a rose
I will tell a loved one how much I love her
I will stop planning for tomorrow and plan to make today the best day of my life.

Today is the tomorrow I was afraid of yesterday
And today was nothing to be afraid of
So today I will banish fear of the unknown
I will embrace the unknown as a learning experience full of exciting opportunities
Today, unlike yesterday I will not fear tomorrow.

Today is the tomorrow I dreamed about yesterday
And some of the dreams I dreamt about yesterday came true today
So today I am going to continue dreaming about tomorrow
And perhaps more of the dreams I dream today will come true tomorrow.

Today is the tomorrow I set goals for yesterday
And I reached some of those goals today
So today I am going to set slightly higher goals for today and tomorrow
And if tomorrow turns out to be like today
I will certainly reach all of my goals one day!

Certainly, I will, in sha' Allah. Dont you just love the way this poem twists both your touge and your mind? It is beautifully penned by the unknown poet, who I think has put a lot of his time into observing and comtemplating life, ma sha' Allah.

So now, my freinds - a question for you and me. Is st worth worrying too much about tomorrow? because tomorrow is the yeasterday's today. And my today looks just fine and wonderful, Alhamdulillah.

Is yours so, too?If yes, then what we doing with "worry" sitting here with usIf no, then, still - why worry when tomorrow is brand new day!

Remember what Charles Schultz said once ;

Dont worry about the world coming to an end day today.Its already tomorrow in Australia.

So let us all my toss Mr. Worry out of the window, and out the window he should go. I have thrown away my "Mr. Worry" just a second ago. Is yours thrown out too? Come, let me help u... ;

Goodbye, Mr. Worry!

Doesn't that feel great? Totally!! Alhamdulillah...

October 28, 2008


today en, luna mcm gyle stress.ntaa la.mybe bcuz school envrnmnt yg not relli gud now.hmm.mybe.td kt skula, luna mcm omg, i tasuke la prgai dye.heee.luna bukan bcuz of jelez or wteva.tp mcmm..heee.tataw laa.

psl my previous blog en,
dun care bout it.bia i keep it in my heart jee.dun ask me who.bcuz dorg phm2 sndiri je laa.n now, please let me have my lyf back..i miss my happy lyf..trying to accpt ppl the way they are.n i try to be fine.
wif a great new hope.(:

i miss u laa syg.ble u nk blek sni?i taleh g sne.jaohh.mahall lak uh.sorry.but u jnji nk clbrte bday kte sesame en.thx cuz u always there when i need u. (: i miss d old tyme.

u pn sme la dear.thxx sgt2.dun sad k.i'll there beside u wheneva u need me k?ble kte nk hang out?!

trying to get d old lyf,
luluna. (;

October 27, 2008


i layan all of u, all the tym, evnthgh when i am moody, sick, or having a biggest problem of my lyf but i still trying to be wif u. but u?can u do that small things fo me!

i beg u fo that.
with a fake smile,

October 26, 2008

y i wrote this blog?

bcuz i owez noe none of them care n want to read my blog.

thx u fo that.


October 25, 2008


luna nk ngess. :'(

im away.



mne u smue ha?when i relli need ur spprt now.i ALONE to face thiss.kdg2 i tye myself y when i need u all, u re not here.sbb luna r not there when u need?i owez there fo u oke, xpct fo a sum situation where i cant run.tu je.but slgi bolehh.i will there beside u.aduyaii.rse sakett sgt nk face thiss. ;( i keep crying but no one noe n care.1 of my bestf couple n mcm dun care bout me anymre.huh.yg ade, when i cry they will let me cry alone.tapaya kate nk pujuk, bg nasihat.tye y i crying pn takk.bguss la punye kwnn.n de 1 formula lakk, konon nye klw org uh ngess bia kan je.t bru oke.tawu takk.for a sum ppl, they may feel better from that formula.but not me oke.please dun hurt me gurls, i love all of u.then, dont hurt me.coz luna da ckup sengsare da.no need to add more.i m very tired to cry cry and cry again. ;(( mcm born to cry je kot.huh.

please dun make me sad.b beside me when i need u d most?can ur shoulder be my shoulder to cry on ?can u?
with a lot of tears,

October 24, 2008

hari yang gelupp.

today, i trse ohh.nta laa.heee.i tataw nk ckp pe da.

October 23, 2008

bm bm bm.

smlm bm sumpah cum vavivivi.salahh wat krgan. =.=" sengal en.aduyaii.mnx² lulus je laa.heee.bio today.tade la worst gyler.but paper3 mmg hanco ahh.tp nta ahh.let it go je laa.sbb smlm da ngess trok gyler enn.so takesa laa.que sera sera ; what will b will b. :) kt skula fun ohh.gagaga.i enjoy lahh.but ble blek td en,

i te egt sumthing,

sum1 that now i miss very muchh.i want to text wif him.i wnt to shre wif him.but now.smue uh da tade. hilangg tnpe kabarr.i do miss u helmi.u r my good friend.tp u mcm biskut sgtt.slu hilang n bile u muncul sgt kejab.smpai byk lg yg blum di ckp en.nta laa.heee nta laa.i rse kte akn lost cntct 1 day.im sure laa.tp bia je la.da mmg fate en.

lupe en je la,

jabb, nk ckp psl pe eh?ohhh.td i bce 1 article.cum bestt je ohh.psl future home.omg, i da la crzy psl design umah² nieh.weewee.lekat kt lappy je la nmpk nye.cite² luna afta jd kaye is ; to have my future home wif my mama n babahh, my sibs n my future fam laa.i wish that will come true bcoz that wat i really want. :) to be wif them all the tym.to pay all they do fo me.waaa.espically fo my parents la.luna tanak dorg kne pass².luna nk smue jage ramai².luna nk jage dorg wif all my heart la.coz dlu dorg bela luna bek² smpai luna jd cum gni today.even luna tade la ikowt smue yg dorg aja dlu.wawawa.nk tgok my future home?tp tade la sebijik.i've draw it.t ble de mse i scan la.but i got an idea from this home la.

i tataw nk ckp pe ag laa.


October 21, 2008


loll.guess what?physic kantoi!hahaha. ;D xtlly, im not happy fo that..yeah.mati la luna klw fail!how im gnna tell my dad?ayoyo.matii la lunaa! ;( .duhh.spe la suh g men² mse physics!kn da kantoi.npe la cegu uh wat soklan yg susa ha?xspclly paper3!gempak la luna hentam.takan nk bia kosongg je en.lbey bek luna jwb wlpn merepek. :D agk best le ble menghentam nieh.tp ble tgok result t.luna yg kne hentam.wawaawa.physics², y la susa sgt?heee.today lakk paper biology1.cruz byk sgt tataw.idk y exam nieh luna mcm satu hapak pn taready.aduyaii.result amcam la agakknye.

malass pk,

².i want to tell u sumthing.tanak dga tape. :) ystrday en.luna mcm da leh ngam ngn my classmate.ktorg mcmm.nta.1 happy family la.n today ble meniru (bukan meniru,cume nk sure en je ;D) mcm bestt sgt.dorg mcm terime je la.sbb de yg join.kecuali as usual ; syamir syafiq afiqa n dak² yg bijak bistari la.hehehe.nta..mcm da dpt time smue.wee.luna ngn feeta pn da mcm dolu dolu blek. ;) .gossiping.hahaha.syokk ohh ble dpt jd cum dlu.n tade prsaan benci kt spe² ag.mulai hari nie, saat nieh.luna da lepas en smue.bende negetif² uh.bru la tenang kan?wawa.

forget to share,

kn last week luna de g 1 kem nieh kn.wlpn tade la best mne pn.cuz bosann la.best ble nynyi² jee.hahaha.kt kem uh.1st time peluk Farah n Seyha.mse peluk ngn farah uh.leh lak ktorg ta muat nk peluk.biase la.len saiz.lg un mse duduk.susa ohh!hahaha.but enjoy la gakk.n yg best nye en..luna rse happy ngn si Nur Piqa Barney uh aww.ktorg jd agakk rapat gakk la.n n n ngn si Azni, Bella, Fina.ta lupe gak qeela n deela.dorg best aw.wlpn ktorg mmg tapena ckp pn sblom nieh.tp bestt la!.pe ag nk cte eyh.ohh byk gak nges².1st nges bcuz ckp psl "friend" n luna agk snstf soal uh en.so luna nges la.at dat tym i was thinking bout Miera, Nisha, Mieya, Feeta, Kinahh, Zack, Sheera, QQ,n Hani + who r there wif me at dat tym oke.hmm.nta la.idk how my lyf wthout them, msty dull je en.

for Miera, Nisha, Mieya, Feeta, Kinahh, Zack, Sheera, QQ, Hani, Farah, Seyha, Piqa n all.

thx fo all of u.each of u have brighten my lyf each day.
thx for that fren.i love u la!

2nd tyme nges bcuz of parents, alaa.biase la touching² niehh.wawa.tp cruz la.sedih lorr.ble ckp psl pgrbanan makk, ayahh.byk sgt jase dorg.nta.afta dat en, i realize how i should be as a child. :]

Mak, Ayah.thx fo evrything.
i owez love u with all my heart!

hmm.pe ag nk cte ha?tade pape ahh kot.tomorrow paper BahasaMelayu n besok nye lagi, Biology.luna mmg tak on la.sorry.buhbye.
lappy-off. study.

with love,

October 17, 2008


today ennn, im happy back. :) wawawa.xtlly tade pe yg menghappy en.but.ble bgun pepagi td.mcm smue nye da hilang.mybe bru rse nikmat tido yg dlu.1st tyme fo diz week luna tdo more than 3hours at d night! weee.hrp² mlm² yg seterusnya.luna lehh tido.bru syiokk!pepagi td en.de la sorg mamat nieh.tye npe la luna single migle ag.luna pn rply je la."ske atiii laa.pe la anda pedulik".luna rse dea bengang kott.dea rply blek."ckp je la tak laku".so what?klw aku tak laku wat pe la ko nk terhegeh² kt aku.aku tanak pn la.heee!

then en,

i ask myself la.y im still single.nk tawu jwpn nye?hmm.cuz i tanak kecewa.tu je jwpn nye.rigkas en.hahah.kdg² ble tgok org couple² nieh nmpk mcm happy je.tp ble smue da over?best lg x?melalak smpai rse nk tambah ag mate bia smue nye kuar.kdg² luna pelik aww.sum people en mcm bangge sgt de boyf or gurlf.luna mcm "eww".bkn smue nye kekal pn.alaaa.cinte monyett.tapaya la agung² kn sgt.kunk putuss menangis tak berlagu².xtlly en.best aww single nieh.bkn la sunyi je hdup dorg.ble single.kte seda pe erti kwn yg sebenarnye.percaya x?tak percaye tape.tade org pkse pn.tp en.btoll.ble kte da single.kte dpt tgokk dgn dekatt sgt kwn² kte yg slme nieh kte wat tak layan je.tambahan lakk.kte leh luang kn byk mse ngn dorg.weee.utamakan la kwn.wlaw kte de boyf or gurlf.jan penah lupe kwn.cuz boyf n gurlf tak slmenye pn.kwn lbey slmenye klw kte pndai jage..

jab jab jab,

pe yg aku mepekk nieh.pahal aku bg ceramahh lakk.hahaha. ;D bia je la.btw, smue ank² sdare aku da blek.sunyi la umah aku.wlaw pn aku mmg kureng ngn dak², tp aku syg la dorg uh sket² pn.biar pn dorg ngengade sgttt.tp bia ahh.pe ag brlaku rinieh.my guardian angel da blekk!weeweee.leh da dea aja luna blek nieh.physc physc physc.luna risauu laa.cumne la result final nieh ha?bio bio bio, abiss la smue blum egt ag!kantoi abiss la.chemist chemist chemist, kali nieh tade D ag la.silap² E.Ya ALLAH, jauhh kan la.luna tanak dpt trokk. +math +math +math, cumne la nk jd hebatt ha?duhh.

kte doa eyh,
Ya Allah, Tuhan Yang Mahu Mengetahui, Maha Mengasihi lagi Maha Menyangi. Ampuni dosa² hamba-Mu ini Ya Allah, jangan Kau tinggalkan dosa ku melainkan Kau ampun kan Ya Allah. Hanya pada-Mu aku memohon, berikan lah aku jalan yang mudah untuk menghadapi semua ini.Kau tunjukkan kepadaku jalan ke arah kebenaran, dan hindarkan diri ku dari segala kemungkaran. Ya Allah Ya Rabbi.berikan lah hamba-Mu ini kekuatan ingatan serta kejayaan hidup di dunia mahupun di akhirat.Ya Allah, Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa, perkenan kan lah doa hamba-Mu ini Ya Allah kerna sesungguhnya hanya Engkau yang Mampu melaksanakan nya.


p/s; i strt to away from today
for those who r my lovies
i love u guys.
wishh me luck for d exam k!

October 16, 2008


today pagi² g skulaa.clbrte bday qeela.weee.quite happy laa.skjb.thx qeela.fo d cake n all. :) tp en, when tghtr ngn dorg, luna tataw npe luna mcmm.nta away from them.luna tabenci dorg.BETOL! luna tataww.guys why we cnt be lyk others.idk luna keh yg cpt trse or what.ms bday uh.rse mcm smue nye fake.senyuman luna, care ckp luna.smue ny.mcm fake.sbb luna ta happy.bkn luna fake sbb tasuke or what.cume luna try nk senyum.tp taleh so i fake a smile so them not see it.i duno y.rinieh mcm nothing great pn. ;( study smue tamasukk!mama, i hate myself.luna mcm taleh accpt them.mslh ny.i fake a smile i fake almost evythng!i sekse dr i.bkn dr dorg.i sekse dr i smpai smue bnde tak jadi!i hate to b lyk this.serious, luna nk pnda.klw mnde nieh berterusann.i mmg nk pnda.mybe. :(

foget bout thiss la

td en.cum babi je.anak
² sdare aku wat hal.de ke patut pkul aku.dea tataw keh skali aku sekeh, meletup kpale dea!da la mnje terlampau².kunk aku puk bru tawu!bpak ahh.mmg tadpat pape la budak uh.jan harap aku nk bg.jan harap nk mnje².mngade² ngn aku.sorry aku talaynn la.mmg busukk.wahhh.eeee.da la aku da mmg moody.wat lg aku moody.pdan muke td kne tenking.terkebil² takot.tp jab ag wat lg.mmg mlg btol rinieh.da la tasedap ati.then kne lak mcm uh.mne tak aku moody.mmg laaa.heeee.

done wif this.

last night en, i dreamt.happy sgt ngn kwn
².tp yg mlg ny.mimpi uh skjb sgt.sbb luna tdo 40minit je.seda² da subuh.mlss nk tdo blek.sumpah ngantuk n penat ohh.eyh.i miss nk dream yg best².hahah.lately nieh slu sgt sedih.slu sgt ngess.argghh i hate my lyf now.mcm gyler sufferrr. :| da lme ta happy en.nk happy laa.nk jd cum dlu.hehe. :] i hope i cn be lyk befo.weee.bia la smue yg berlaku.idc!wawawa.

lots of love,
luna :)

October 15, 2008


npe ngn luna nieh.y taleh prcaye diri?mne kekuatan luna yg dlu?luna nk luna yg dlu.membenci diri je skrg nieh.

October 12, 2008


God.luna mcm tatawu nk study.byk sgt blum study. :( mcm mne nieh?TENSION.STRESS.luna mcm nk ngess. :'( btol2 mcm taleh carry smue nieh.berat sgt nk dipikul.i tatawu where to start.cumne luna nk dpt Top5?Top10 pn ta tentu leh kekal kn.i tgok en, smue org start blaja da. ququ, syu, wanee, syiema, fara n blablabla.smue da start.but luna.still kt sni tak gerak2 ag.luna takowt dpt nombor trok2.luna malu nk ckp ngn dad if luna dpt trok.n org da la ske bndg kn abg ngn adik.duhh.susa dpt abg popular.MAMA, can u help me?i lost cnfdent laa.i got 0 cnfdent.cumne nk jd yg terhebat blek?laaa!


Final Exam.

Monday, 20 Oct
Physics 2
Physic 3

Tuesday, 21 Oct
Biology 1
Wednesday, 22 Oct
Bahasa Melayu 2
Bahasa Melayu 3

Thursday, 23 Oct
Biology 2
Biology 3

Friday, 24 Oct
Bahasa Inggeris 2
Bahasa Inggeris 1

Monday, 27 Oct
Happy Deepavali
Tuesday, 28 Oct
Pendidikan Islam 1
Pendidikan Islam 2

Wednesday, 29 Oct
Thursday, 30 Oct
Est 1
Est 2

Friday, 31 Oct
Mathematics 2
Mathematics 1

Monday, 3 Nov
Sejarah 2
Sejarah 1

Tuesday, 4 Nov
Additional Mathematics 2
Additional Mathematics 1

Wednesday, 5 Nov
Chemistry 2
Chemistry 3

Thursday, 6 Nov
Chemistry 1
Physics 1

October 11, 2008


dear u,
i miss d old tyme.can we be lyk befo?nta la.even though kte still rehat sme2 but sumtyme i rse gak mcm de jurang between us. i dunno spe yg create jurang tuh.but i do miss u.i nk kte jd mcm dlu eyh kwn?i had a lot to share wif u.kdg2 i smpai i tataw nk share mcm mne.u pn da mcm mlss nk layan prblm i.n u tapena nk cte problem u ag kt luna.kdg2 sumpah luna terase.i bkn robot tade prsaan.i de prsaan.i tawu yg kte da taleh jd mcm dlu.but kte leh try kn?try to built our frenshp again.can we?luna rindu 3/4 mati ngn u.ngn our memories.i ta mnx pn u nk dga prblm luna.luna da biase sorg2.tp i cume nk kte jd mcm dulu.tade jurang between us.can we?ILYFDM okaii!

October 10, 2008


luna rse guilty.sumpah!befo this en, i never felt down lyk this.i rse tade org nk kwn ngn luna.idk y.n fo start de org yg tasuke luna.i noe org mcm ckp mcm2 blkg luna.idk y but i fucking damn sad oke?korg rse x?x kn?sbb u'r not in my shoes kn.i tak bermaksud nk judge book by its cover or what.ye la.tawu kn.ble org wat cm uh spe tak sedih.then denga lak cte bout org taksuke.then pe yg luna ptut pk?sorry, im not +ve person.so i trus rse cm korg btol2 tasuke luna.n y i hate NHK tanpe pk pnjg.bcoz NHK hate me.tp libat an kwn2 luna.sbb uh luna tanpa pk pnjg trus je benci.but now, today, yesterday, from the day i said that i hate Aman n NHK.i rse mnyesal.i penat.i rse bersalah sgt.being aman x sptut ny mcm.huhh.da la.korg takpham.if i ckp pn.u akn backing.da la.

from today, at this time.i nk ckp to all aman-ians.im so sorry bout the blog n evrything.mmg luna slh.i try to change n try to join wif u all.nta la.byk sgt dose yg luna kumpul bcuz hate ppl.da la tiredd.sorry bout the status "4Aman u're fucking kerek".i tataw pe yg u nk rse.tp i jujur i akui.try la nk trime klass laen.dun judge them.oke?i try la nk wat takesahh. :]
trying to forgive n forget.

Dear NHK,
luna try nk ubh our rltionshp skrg.i will try to foget n forgive u.i give u a chance to change n i will try to change too.so kte 0-0la eyh.tasuke la nk benci2 org nieh.tak best pn.

walaw 4Aman tak best.but luna try nk rse 4Aman tuh best.mybe 1 day luna seda yg klass uh de gak best ny.bukan buruk je.i hope that day comin la.bru la enjoy kt klass uh. :) n tapaya la de yg benci-membenci nieh.bukan best kn?klw tasuke.ckp je trus-terang.Insya-Allah org tu akn terima.