"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."

October 28, 2009

ouch. pimples!

* derita merindu by ahli fiqir.

i dunno am i goin to Graduation Day or not. im so confused. dun have the decision yet. well, padahal Pn Rosnee nak SELASE, and i've said im not goin. konon, final decision but she say i can change it. ttbe today i felt lyk i wanna go. i na snap a lotsaa picture wif my lovely friends. Afitah Abdullah, da lame tade gamba dengan anda. hmm, dunno lahh. mybe im goin to chage my decision and i hope its not too late. but, im not sure yet. sebab my real problem is to find SHOES. my feet is so big and longg. JARANG jumpe kasut which muat and selese gyle. its kindda pelik and ppl always doesnt believe when i said, there is not size fe my feet. selame nie luna pakai flip flop evryday wateva i want to go. pedulikk. hahaha. my feet size around 10/11, fe gurls shoes. and 8/9 fe men shoes. well, tasuruh percaye pn, tapi tu la realiti. my school shoes sized 41, but its too tight. 41 means 8 1/2 kot. so, i do wear 42/43. memang gabak la my kaki. pena i tried to find it kan, hampir 20 kedai jalan, termasuk SOGO which memang banyak gyle kasut kan. semua ta muat. MALU je. hee. ble na cari kasut kan, mesti cmnie, " kak, na size yang paling besa ek". sedeyy gyle. hahahaha. tade la, i hve shoes, tp not so selese, i cant wear it fe the whole day lah. tengok lah. goin to alamanda searching fe new shoes kalau sempat and if the only if luna bertukar fikiran. heee.

ohh yeh? today, kenape ek awak asyik ade je? luna na pegi rehat awak ade, luna abis rehat awak ade, luna pegi toilet ade awak, luna na blek ade awak. da la awak pandang, malu je. terserlah perangai budak budak luna. awak pandang pelik je dari atas. luna da jadi real luna depan awak. luna kan da mngaku kalah. tu yang bley jadi real luna. hahahaha.luna harap awak tadenga ape yang luna cakap tadi. awak takan dga. hmm. tape la,  hati luna kuat lagi. (:

today notes ; when i saw ur smile, its cut me deeply. i hate love Biology. 



tusyee said...

hahaha. serious saiz tu?? tpu laa. ishh. hehehe.

luna. said...

seriouss ohh. memang besar. -,-
nseb suda jumpe kasut bersaiz 41/42 itu. (: