"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."

May 29, 2009

busybusy dan membusykan.

ohh okehh. now, i've done my mid term exam badly. dun ask why, because how could i know the answer? haihh. i do hope, i passed evrything. im too tired fe being fail-er lagi. and and i dont want to be at the bottom ag. my friends, i mean some of my friends lah kan, sometimes treat me so stupid. i dunno if i really stupid. but lyk what my abang always says; im good enough. im not so stupid lah kan.

hmm. sometimes i felt lyk i dun fit wif them. they are too "pandai" lah to me. every test or exam kan, they will compare our marks. if i do get the lowest, guess what will i felt at that time? of coz lyk i missing my nose, my eyes and my face kan. malu kott. but fe them that things mcm ohh-keyy je. when i do get the higher than them, t mcm.. hee. i dunno wat to say lahh. they know what exactly they do lah kan. sometimes when they failed or get the lowest among us kan, i just diam, i dun ask fe their marks. because t dorang nanges and i cant mange it lah kan. lg pn, based on their research lah kan, if ppl cry, just leave it. LEAVE it? goshh. hahaha.

then now, im learning to be more evil lahh. how they treat me, i'll treat them in the same way kot. ntah lahh. i dun want to sit and accept all they do to me. i have to be more aggressive. ahaha. luna da selalu menerima without memberi. and its a bad sign fe evry rltionship uhh. hmm. kadang kadang.. ahh. tanak lah ungkit2. im not a kind of person. did i? no im NOT. im in that category. :D hahaha.

hey, u know what, i tapena memaksa or menyuruh dengan cara paksaan to my friends or strangers to read this blog. i mean MY BLOG. hey, tanak bace who care. ta best? did i ask u to read MY BLOG. this is MY BLOG not yours, so shut ur shit mouth lah kan. http://wonderluna.blogspot.com
are not invited you to be here. so go away and buhbye. dun read if u hate it. simple isnt? please lahh, dun drop ur smelly melly mouth to talk bad about MY BLOG. fyi, im hate to be so popular, i hate to be known. so dun read lahh. ngekngok.

today notes; berhari sudah phone membisu. kerinduan melanda bakali? hmm.


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