"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."

November 10, 2008


gahh, da la now i am full of problem, please dun add more la, im too tired, i lost my mood in d early morning! grrr, i d k why nk gdo bcuz of stupid jamuan akhir tahun uh, mood i pepagi spoil only bcuz of dat! tapaya smpai nk tggi en sore uh, if i want to i'll, but i tanak keruh en lg keadaan, u mara tanpe henti, u ta pk lgsg prsaan org en, u ckp u penat, oke fine, tp de keh luna suruh?.. da susa sgt sbb uh i bg idea, then i kne mara dpn smue org, i da set en otak i la blablabla.u tawu tak prsaan i mse uh? did u eva care? mmg tade prsaan aw! i malu aw, mcm la i nieh gle sgt nk g almnda uh, luna bukann la "kampung" sgt cum batak ngn almnda uh, bcuz i tao y i taleh get along ngn ur xtvty, ble i nk ajak org lua i kne mara, smue nk mara, ble i ckp nk g almnda pn kne. oke fine i ngaku, i tanak g cuz i taleh ngam korg! u egt x, when u scold me infront of all because of 1 ball. fyi, im not "patient person" who can stand while ppl scold at me. please la, i've chnge aw befo i went into aman, if i not chge, aminians will see the big war oke!i've change, then, u should chge to oke, otherwise, we will have a big war, bcuz no compromy, because this is 3times da, u naek en sore. im allergic to that oke! i try nk saba ngn u aww. u ckp sorry, but now sorry uh pn i da allrgc aw, bcuz i da kne 3times, i da penat. i saket aww, i jage prsaan org, but org? i'll fgve u, but please, it is not d tym yet. u hurt me, my heart now mcm da talarat tnggung all of this. i sakett, i penat, i sedih! did any1 care bout my feling? mcm no one jek! i mcm da taleh stand ag aww! i am too tired. please dun hurt me again and again.

today notes ; i hate evrything today.

i am not in mood,

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