"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."

September 21, 2008

8 Betiest.

I got 8 besties. They are Amiera Najwa Muhd Shahdan, Afitah Abdullah, Nur Sakinah Sharil, Fatin Amirah Ab Razak, Nisha Al-Wanis Musstapha, Nur Farahwahida Muhd Anuar , Nasihah Syahirah Abdul Razak & Nur Amirah Hani Mohd Azmi.Now i want to tell u bout them. :)

Amiera Najwa.She is d best buddy forever!She is very caring and always be my motivator.Once i get into trouble, she will be with me and face the trouble with me.Doesn't matter if the trouble are big or small, die or alive.She will be with me.We never having a fight.And the best part of our friendship is we never have a secret.ILY! :)
Afitah.She is my best friend and i hope we will be best friend forever and not only now.I try to be more close to you.She is caring even though she never show it.But i know it!I love to be together with her all the time!I want to stick with you dear.Gossiping is our hobby!(laughing with the big mouth) Doesn't matter im stupid and ugly.She accept me as im and i love it! ILY! :)
Nur Sakinah.She is the craziest buddy ever!We are totally different.But we got the common habit gak!Talking and giggling all the time!hahaa.She not like other girls who are sharing their secret with best friend.She prefer to shut her month from saying her problem.Sometime i felt guilty.Yeah, i share my problem but shes not.huhh..Whatever she is, i still love her! ;)
Fatin Amirah.She is the strongest buddy!She act like my sister and i love it!She always have my problem solution.haha.We got a deal.Deal for us to be single till the end of form5.Yeah she broke it!But i don't mind because all i want is.To see she smiling again.Sharing is loving.We share almost evrything together.I enjoy it! Mia, I syg u taw! :)
Nisha Al-Wanis.She rock my life!we enjoy together, sharing, laughing, gossiping, shopping.I love to be with you.You always be there beside me when i need some one.You will give me useful advices.If i alone.You will come and cheer me up.wahh.You do a lot of things to make sure that im happy.Thx Nisha! ILY! :)
Nur Farahwahida.Blurry buddy.She is my table mate for this year.I don't know she want to be my table mate for the next year or not.I hope she want to.hahah.We start to be good friend.She is very funny actually, especially when she try to explain someone.You should see it!haha.I start to love you! :D
Nasihah Syahirah.Goshh buddy.hahah.She great friend.seriously, especially when she give advices.She love to giggling even though nothing funny.We always think the craziest things.Skip the physic class and skip the extra class is our hobby!I start to love u gak! ;)
Nur Amirah Hani.Online buddy.Shes the bestt.When i got problem. I'll share with Hani.idk why i can share with Hani because we never meet.She always give me the best advise.Hani slu rse no one want to be with you.Luna want to be with you la.I'll be there if you need me oke?.Luna sygs Hani! :)

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